Car finance in Margate, Kent

Whether you’re shopping for a new or used car or van from Grand Garage Peugeot in Margate, there are a range of finance options available. These include both purchase and rental options, for both private buyers and business.

You could finance your car with a personal loan from your bank, but that can take time and your options may be limited. Instead, at Grand Garage your finance can be approved quickly. It’s a simple process and everything can be completed in the showroom, without having to post off important documents like your passport.

Options include the Peugeot Passport scheme. This enables you to drive a brand new car for a competitive monthly fee, with or without a deposit, with a range of options available at the end of the contract period. All you need to tell us is how long you’d like the car, and how many miles you’re likely to cover.

Offers from Peugeot often include 0% APR and deposit contributions. These affordable repayments and offers mean you could drive a larger, more powerful or more luxurious model than you thought.

Alternatively, Peugeot offers the unique Just Add Fuel option. This complete 37-month package covers the cost of the car, comprehensive insurance (for up to three drivers aged 21+), road tax, servicing and roadside assistance in one convenient monthly payment. It’s also available to drivers under the age of 21, on the proviso that a telematics box is fitted to the car.

There are also a range of competitive finance options available if you’re shopping for a used vehicle, and business drivers can take advantage of affordable packages that integrate the cost of servicing and maintenance.

Get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss finance options and we’ll help you into a fantastic new Peugeot within your budget.

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