Car servicing in Margate

Servicing is a fundamentally important part of vehicle ownership, and can help ensure your model leads a long, reliable and economical life.

Your car should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines; this typically means at least once every 12 months. Timely servicing can help preserve your car’s value, and ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency. This means better fuel economy and performance from your car, with less likely to go wrong.

Book your car in for a service at Grand Garage in Margate. We’re open Monday-Friday, and Saturday mornings. As well as annual servicing and maintenance, we can also complete your car’s annual MOT and any unscheduled repairs your car needs.

Peugeot Service Plan is available to help you spread the cost of servicing and MOT over convenient monthly payments.

We periodically offer special deals on seasonal maintenance, such as winter tyres or air conditioning refills for summer. Bookmark this page and check back regularly to find offers as and when they become available.